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Palestinian Henna Celebration in Tulum, Mexico



In December 2023, I had the extraordinary privilege of stepping into a world of enchantment as I captured the mesmerizing beauty of a Henna Night in Tulum. The setting was nothing short of magical—a luxurious Hilton Resort providing the perfect backdrop for a celebration that seamlessly blended Palestinian tradition with the contemporary allure of one of Mexico’s most picturesque destinations. The air was infused with the salty breeze of the Caribbean, and the vibrant hues of the sunset painted the sky as family and friends gathered for a night that would become a visual symphony of love, laughter, and the timeless artistry of henna.

And today, I’m taking you on a virtual journey to explore the rich tapestry of Palestinian pre-wedding traditions and the dazzling array of traditional attire that adorns these joyous celebrations. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the incredible privilege of witnessing firsthand the beauty and vibrancy that defines these special moments.

Setting the Stage: Henna Nights and Joyous Gatherings

One of the most enchanting pre-wedding celebrations in Palestinian culture is the Henna Night or “Hinna.” It’s like a magical prelude to the big day, where family and friends come together to celebrate the impending union. The air is filled with laughter, music, and the sweet scent of henna filling the room.

As a photographer, capturing the lively atmosphere of a Henna Night is a dream. The traditional music and dance, combined with the intricate designs of henna tattoos, create a visual feast. The bride, adorned in a stunning traditional dress, becomes the center of attention as she embraces the well-wishes of those around her.


Palestinian culture is all about tight-knit families, and you could feel it in every laugh and hug. It wasn’t just a wedding bash; it was a celebration of family values – love, respect, and traditions that stick around long after the party’s over. As a photographer, I was snapping not just a wedding but a visual story of how family ties make Palestinian celebrations a whole lot more special.

Photos by Di Captures Photography

Venue: Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya