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Navigating the Bride’s Morning with Finesse



Tips and tricks for a smooth start of the day.

Hey there, all you lovebirds gearing up for the big “I do”! Let’s talk about that swanky morning of your wedding – the time when the magic happens behind the scenes. I’ve got some tips to make it all smooth sailing and why it’s an absolute must to have this phase captured by your trusty camera crew.



Alright, imagine your wedding as a story, right? Each snap is like a page turning in a novel. We’ve got the setup (Getting Ready), the peak excitement (Ceremony), the chill vibes (Cocktail Hour and Reception), and the heartwarming wrap-up (Send Off). Now, where does this story kick off? You guessed it – with the bride and groom getting dolled up in the morning. It’s the build-up to the big moment, where all the emotions, laughs, and maybe even a few happy tears come into play.

Ever seen those killer pics of the bride’s morning? You know, the ones where she’s popping champagne with her besties, showing off some dance moves, gazing out the window all dreamy, sliding into glam shoes, and putting on the finishing touch of lipstick with a sassy mirror stare? Well, those pics? They’re not just pics. They’re like a jolt of excitement injected into your morning. And here’s the kicker – if you choose this option, you won’t just enjoy these amazing pics; you’ll also be having a blast with your photo squad, soaking up all the good vibes.



We’re all about wedding day prep, because the smoother it goes, the more you can savor every moment. By now, your vendor lineup is locked and loaded, and it’s time for them to shine. Your makeup and hair pros? They’re like the VIPs of this show. Our advice? Test them out before the main event. Sure, it might bump up the budget a bit, but trust us, it’s a solid investment. Use those trials for special moments like engagement shoots. Not only will you look drop-dead gorgeous, but you’ll also get a feel for the magic they can work on your big day. Trust us, you don’t want lash mishaps or disappearing curls stealing the spotlight.




In our journey capturing weddings, we’ve met a bunch of beauty wizards who can make you look like royalty. Just do your homework before the big day to ensure you’re in expert hands. And here’s a nugget of wisdom – book them early to avoid any time crunches. Professional makeup and hair? They take time, so it’s way better to be prepped and ready ahead of schedule than to stress over timelines. We’ve witnessed brides getting makeup last and being left with a mere 10-minute photo slot – not exactly the stress-free vibe you deserve. Our advice? Get glammed up first and early, so you can cherish those beautiful morning moments: lounging in your silk pajamas, mirror selfies, clinking champagne glasses with your pals, sharing laughter with your mom and sisters. Don’t rush – revel in it!



When we roll in (usually around the same time as your glam artisans), it’s not just about pictures. We’re here to connect, scout out cool locations, capture those behind-the-scenes shots of hair and makeup artistry, and get those sweet details – your dress, veil, shoes, bling, bouquet, perfume, and those oh-so-pretty invitations. Preparing these goodies the night before will ensure your beauty chair moments are pure zen.

Oh, those matching robes your squad will be rocking? Steaming or ironing them the day before is your ticket to wrinkle-free chic. Total game changer!









Now, it’s time to slide into that dress – excitement level? Off the charts! Give yourself a bit of wiggle room here, especially if your dress is a button extravaganza. And voilà, with that dress on, we’ve got time for those knockout portraits in your full bridal glory, and maybe some fun group shots with your besties, mom, or fam if they’re in the mix. And yes, I’m all about those candid shots too – they’re like visual hugs that capture the real deal.





So there you have it – your wedding day, a whirlwind of moments, emotions, and stories told through images. Let’s chat, let’s plan, and let’s make some picture-perfect memories.

Images by Di Captures Photography